You talkin' to me?
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Thread: You talkin' to me?

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    DefaultYou talkin' to me?

    The story of Champ's long release time reminded me of Judy:
    When I feed Judy and Bruno on big trays, I make them sit, then "Leave it " until I say "OK" first to Judy then to Bruno. (I have to do this to them because they dive and gobble.) First Judy, sit, leave it, OK, chomp chomp. Then Bruno, sit, leave it - then I suddenly hear Judy stop chomping on her kibble until I say OK again to Bruno. How do I tell her the second "leave it" is for Bruno, not her. I guess I should not release Judy until I get Bruno's down too.

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    DefaultRe: You talkin' to me?

    Patricia Mcconnell has talked about training in a multidog household. She says that she puts the dog she's intending to give the command to's name first. So, in your case it would be "Judy, leave it" or "Bruno, leave it". Doing this for all commands can help them discriminate. But, your idea would probably work too
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