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    DefaultKong Toys, China, Heavy metals, Response from Kong

    So, I had previously posted an article from Dr. Jon regarding hazards to our dogs from heavy metals. I decided to ask Kong since we have noticed some of their products coming ot of China. Below is their response to me, and the email I sent them below that. Provided for your information to act on as you choose.
    Hi Ed,
    Thank you for your question regarding the country of origin for KONG toys
    and treats. All Classic KONG natural rubber products are made in the US and
    have been for over 30 years. All KONG Stuff'N Treats are made in the US and
    are manufactured in FDA and USDA/APHIS approved factories. All ingredients
    are of US origin with one exception: rice flour from Italy. Additionally,
    all KONG Stuff'N treats are tested for quality assurance by independent USDA
    approved laboratories. Together these lines represent over eighty percent of
    all KONG products.

    The remaining KONG products: Air KONG (tennis ball toys), KONG Plush, and
    KONG Wubba are made in China. These factories are under strict KONG
    supervision and have proven to produce reliable and safe products. All
    imported product lines are tested by independent laboratories to prove they
    are safe and non-toxic. Once products are received in the KONG warehouse
    they are again subjected to strict KONG quality control procedures to
    further ensure our KONG products are the finest available. No KONG product,
    toy or treat has ever been involved in a recall.

    Brent Voorhees
    KONG Company
    16191 Table Mountain Parkway
    Golden, CO 80403

    -----Original Message-----
    From: XXXX
    Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 11:38 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected]
    Subject: Comments from KONG Company

    Name : Ed
    Pet's Name : Hershey Kisses
    Email : XXXX
    Comments : Kongs, AirKongs, Wubbas,
    What percentage of these toy are made in China or materials from China? Are
    they tested for lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals?
    See Dr. Jon site relative to this quote,
    'Are Pet Toys Toxic?

    In the wake of the lead scare, two laboratories have conducted independent
    tests on randomly selected pet items. These very qualified laboratories
    include Trace Laboratories, Inc. in Illinois and ExperTox Analytical
    Laboratories in Texas. Both labs **have** found lead and other toxic heavy
    metals in pet items purchased from American stores.

    ExperTox Analytical Laboratories tested a Chinese-made, Wal-Mart marketed
    cat toy and dog toy. Both were packaged in a clear plastic wrapping with a
    cardboard label and no brand name.

    The dog toy, a latex, green monster, contained high levels of lead and
    chromium (a cancer-causing heavy metal) and smaller amounts of other toxic
    materials. The cat toy contained very high levels of the toxic heavy metal,

    The lab determined these toxins were easily accessed and could be acquired
    from the toy with a simple lick of the dog's or cat's tongue.

    Trace Laboratories tested Paws â?~N Claws tennis balls purchased at a
    dollar-type store. They found an astounding 27,200 ppm lead levels in the
    ink on the balls. They also tested a ceramic food dish and found lead levels
    at 2,890 ppm. The lead levels in both these items far exceeded the limit set
    for human toys.

    Should You Be Concerned?

    There are conflicting opinions regarding the severity of these levels of
    lead and other heavy metals in pet products. Because of the lack of federal
    regulation at this time, it is up to you, the pet owner, to determine your
    level of concern.

    An interesting bit of information to consider: Wal-Mart actually recalled
    children's toys which are quite similar to their lead-containing pet toys.
    These Chinese-made, Wal-Mart children's toys are sold at a similar price,
    without a brand, in packaging very similar to that containing their toxic
    pet toys. If these toys are not safe enough for your children, should your
    pet be playing with them?

    What Can You Do?

    How can you protect your pet? Talk to your veterinarian. Do your research.
    Check with the manufacturers of your pet's toys; ask for proof of their
    safety testing. Strongly consider discarding your pet's current products
    which are made in China. When buying new products, look for items made in
    the United States. Also, avoid toys made of latex, as they are more likely
    to contain lead. Above all, be proactive and don't take chances with the
    health of your pet.

    Until next time,

    Dr. Jon'
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    DefaultRe: Kong Toys, China, Heavy metals, Response from Kong

    Good to know. Thanks Ed!

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    DefaultRe: Kong Toys, China, Heavy metals, Response from Kong

    They are a wonderful organization. They donate all their Kongs that don't meet their standards to rescue groups.

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    DefaultRe: Kong Toys, China, Heavy metals, Response from Kong

    That's awesome information. Thank God Mickey can't have latex toys, but now I know to only stick to the rubber Kong toys.

    Pretty soon I'll be resorting to having to make toys with old socks again... :-\ I don't think I could take it if he got sick or worse.
    WooT!<br /><br /><br />He made it too! <br />


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