Dog (named Buddy) eats Superbowl tickets
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Thread: Dog (named Buddy) eats Superbowl tickets

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    DefaultDog (named Buddy) eats Superbowl tickets

    Just read this story about a dog in Arizona who ate his master's Superbowl tickets.
    Don't know if anyone else posted it. If so, please excuse the duplication.

    Most likely, you don't have tickets to the Super Bowl. That sucks. It would suck even more if you did have tickets ... and then your dog ate them. That happened to an Arizona man whose Lab chewed up his ducats:

    The mishap occurred Wednesday when Chris Gallagher requested that a courier leave the anticipated package under the doormat of his Avondale home. The courier instead slipped the envelope under the front door. [The dog] Buddy accepted delivery.

    But the tickets go down as Buddy's most expensive chew toy, the remains emblazoned with the Vince Lombardi Trophy scattered across the living room floor.

    When Gallagher walked in that night, Buddy zipped out the doggy door. The dog would remain in the back yard for two nights afterward. "He's a troublemaker," Gallagher said. "But he looks at you with those big eyes and you can't be mad for long."

    The good news is that the $900 tickets can be replaced and Gallagher will be able to go to the game. Better news is that all is forgotten with Buddy and the mess he made. The lesson to be learned? If you are a mail carrier ... follow directions or your company may have to replace something very valuable.

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    DefaultRe: Dog (named Buddy) eats Superbowl tickets - Video Update 1 Feb 08

    Here's the video! Wouldn't you know it would be a Lab!

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    DefaultRe: Dog (named Buddy) eats Superbowl tickets

    How funny, he was so proud of himself!!! And labs are so popular you sometimes wonder why, of course we know why but geezohpetes, SUPER BOWL TICKETS? It's a good thing his daddy loves him. Think of all the destructo things we have heard about from other people on here, this wouldn't surprise you in the least. Labs, you gotta love em! ;D


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