How long can she hold it?
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Thread: How long can she hold it?

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    DefaultHow long can she hold it?

    It has been raining here since last night. She hasn't pooped all day. At least she pooped at the dog park about 8pm last night.

    I have made her go out twice today and she has peed a river both times but she refuses to poop.....It is suppose to rain until Tuesday.

    Now she normally goes twice a day. I am beginning to wonder how long can she hold it.

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    DefaultRe: How long can she hold it?

    Emilu normally goes once or twice a day (#2), but she often skips a day, at least that I can tell, and when we went on vacation a couple years ago with her, she went 3 days without going! Had to give her some pumpkin to get her started again.


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