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    it would be interesting to read your paper when you are through maybe you could post it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baloo317
    Quote Originally Posted by I Like Ike
    Just wanted to add this animated version. I can't make it past the first few seconds without crying like a baby. :'(


    I'd like to think that my dog is there happy and pain free.
    I cried too.

    I believe in the rainbow bridge, because I choose too. It brings me comfort to think of those that will be waiting for me, and it makes the passing of loved ones a little easier.
    Exactly my idea

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    I'm with Nance on this one. I really don't think there is any magical bridge. I tend to think more along the lines of many of our North American Indian tribes, that all living things have souls, be it a tree in the forest or a beloved family pet. All living things were created by God. God put his energy into those things to make them. When they die, they will once again be with God.

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