I'm second best!
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Thread: I'm second best!

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    DefaultI'm second best!

    Everytime dh comes home, Blue jumps up and greets him wagging her tail like mad!!!! If he tells her to sit,she'll do it with out hesitation especially when we are eating. She follow him to the bathroom and sits outside when he has a bath. And Blue is supposed to be my dog..sheesh!

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    DefaultRe: I'm second best!

    Don't feel bad. Shadow was my heart dog, but when Bill came home for a weekend, she would nearly turn herself inside-out with excitement. She was with me every day, but Daddy was only home a couple of times a month. Blue just sees more of you than DH, so she's happy when he comes home. She loves you!
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    DefaultRe: I'm second best!

    At least you're second best to a human; I'm second best to Judy. I can call Bruno to sit on my lap and she walks over to cuddle up to Judy.


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