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    Hi, I know some people use a dremel for nails. I saw a tv commercial this morning for a "Peticure" for pets nails, so I visited the website and watched the videos. It looks just like a dremel tool. My hubby got one for Christmas and will most likely not use it so I am thinking I might just "borrow it forever" and use it on Buck's nails. Any tips? He is a little standoffish with noises so I will have to take it slow and use treats. Advise appreciated. Thanks.

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    This site has some good info about dremeling nails. My suggestion is treat, treat, treat to get them used to the noise. High value treats couldn't hurt. Maybe start slow with one nail. Although my guys don't necessarily like the dremel, they know they get treats when finished so they don't give me any problems.

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    Treats. treats, treats and more treats!

    Molly will tolerate me doing her nails (although we still can't do all 4 paws in one shot, we need a break in between), but Abby won't even let me finish one nail before she bolts off (we're working on that though).

    We've had our dremel for over 6 months now, and it didn't take Molly long to get used to it at all.
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