A Dachshund on Leash
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Thread: A Dachshund on Leash

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    DefaultA Dachshund on Leash

    I thought of the thread from the other day when we were talking about aggressive breeds and several mentioned Dachshunds.

    While at the park today, there was a man and his little daughter giving their Dachshund a walk. Little dog looked to be young (less than a year old) but they never came that close.

    I was so proud of Tal because when i saw them walking close, I, of course, didn't want Tal to run over there....so I put him in a sit-stay. Oh, he was just itching to get the game goin again, but like a real trooper he sat there, squirming and all, and waited until I released him and threw the ball!

    I figured it was a good teaching moment for a lengthy sit-stay when he is excited!

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    DefaultRe: A Dachshund on Leash

    Aww way to go Tal! That's not easy when you are a labby and you know everybody wants to pet you ;D, all you have to do is get to them! :


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