This was posted today on my local animal rescue yahoo groop.
I realize that by sharing it with you, I'm sort of endorsing the product. Please know I've never heard of the product before, so will not vouch for it. But this is good information to share....


> when I saw Max and talked to his owners I thought
> heck I am gonna start taking this myself have been
> sick since 1st of January and tried everything
> after only a week on limu I feel so much better
> anyone interested email me
> Lymph Cancer - our White German Shepard Max
> 7-19-06 C(name) & M(name) (names edited out)
> Approximately 5 months ago we brought our german
> shepard in for his yearly shots. He is 8 yrs old and
> has had all types of medical challenges: seizures,
> twisted stomach, cysts, severe allergies, on-going
> yeast/fungus infections and a few minor operations.
> At this time he had lost 30 lbs and had huge areas
> of his body with no hair which he picked at
> constantly. He had matter coming out of his ears,
> he was hot to the touch and he had an odor. His
> normally pink skin was black in many areas which was
> dry and constantly flaking off. He has a file about
> 2" high from visiting Vets and Specialists.
> We brought him in for his yearly shots and his Vet
> said she could not give him the shots because his
> body couldn't handle getting them in the state it
> was in. She examined him and related to us he had
> lumps all over his lymph areas. We asked if it was
> cancer. She paused and said it very well could be.
> We had lost our last german shepard at the age of 6
> to lymphatic cancer so we were familiar with the
> symptoms.
> We decided not to treat him with any traditional
> medications. We brought him home and immediately
> starting giving him Limu. We gave him 4 oz per day
> for two months. He gained the 30 lbs back, all his
> hair grew back, the black areas on his skin turned
> back pink, his itching has stopped, his ears are
> clear and it was confirmed that he has no lumps at
> all remaining. The only remaining challenge is his
> seizures. We continue to give him Limu but a lower
> dosage.
> When we brought him back to the Vet she was amazed
> at Max's transformation. A few days after seeing
> Max, she called and began using Limu personally and
> professionally.