Emilu caught a BlueJay!
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Thread: Emilu caught a BlueJay!

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    DefaultEmilu caught a BlueJay!

    We were on are morning "poop walk" today, very early. It was very cold out. When we were coming back to the house, both dogs ran over to a tiny little beech tree up by the knew "dog area". They were snuffling around at the base, then directed their attention to up in the tree. They were VERY interested in it, but weren't barking or growling or acting like there was a critter up there. Then all of sudden Emilu jumps up into the brances and comes down with something in her mouth! I told her to drop it and she drops a bluejay on the ground. I order them both to leave it. It isn't dead, but doesn't look good. I picked it up and wanted to put it back into the tree, but didn't think it could stay there. So I put it up into the new doghouse that has a bed in it (they aren't using the houses yet). Then I got a little towel from the house and covered it up. It is SO cold out - I doubt if it will live - maybe it just got too cold last night, and I'm not sure how much damage Emilu did to it. Poor little critter! Jays are so pretty. It was with-it enough to squauk at me.

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    DefaultRe: Emilu caught a BlueJay!

    Maybe the bluejay was already sick, and that's why it wasn't able to fly away quickly enough. Hope the poor little thing pulls through!


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