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    As some of you know, Boomer has been having a lot of trouble recently with gas and throwing up. he tends to puke when he's out hunting with Nick, whether or not he's had any food, and about once a month he gets really painful gas. Lately the gas has been happening more often, and on Monday night we had a full night of vomiting, panting, pacing, not being able to lay down, and stretching. Xrays at the emergency vet revealed gas, again. This is the second time he has been to the e-vet during the night with symptoms of bloat...turning out to be bad gas (thankfully).

    Monday night I asked the vet if it could be his food causing this trouble and she said it was very possible. We have him on Purina One which he LOVES, and aside from this recent trouble, he had been doing very well on. His energy level has been great, his teeth are healthy, his coat is shiny and thick. I do not want to take him off of Purina One if I can help it. I saw that they had a food for Sensitive Stomachs and asked the vet if I should maybe switch to this and she thought it would be a good idea. She also recommended a type of food that Eukaneuba makes that is a bland sort of food.

    Now I'm wondering, is bland/sensative stomach the way to go, or could the problem be that he should be on Senior food? He will be 7 this August. I've heard that Senior food is supposed to be more digestable, but I didn't think to ask the vet when we were there. So what do you think, which route? Oh and please let's not have a big lecture/disagreement on what brand and ingredients make for the 'best' kind of food and why because I've heard it all. I just want to know if it's time for Senior food or if you think bland would be better for my little Boomie's tummy. Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry to hear Boomer is having stomach problems. I think Purina ProPlan makes a sensitive stomach brand of food. We fed our last lab Purina One & she did well but I can't rememebr what is in it(beef or lamb). We have our girls on ProPlan Chicken & Rice & they do well. All dogs are different. Our last lab got horrible gas on chicken based food. Now both girls do well with the chicken.
    When I tried to switch Molly to Wellness a couple of years ago, halfway through the switch she got very loose stools. I think it may have been too rich for her. Sometimes it is so hard to get the right food & it does become a trial & error thing.
    I hope you find a food that agrees with Boomer.


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