I saw this on Craig's List a while ago. It's actually quite good:

It's really a sad state of affairs when we see posts like you mentioned on a day to day basis. The people that are giving up this dog lack forethought. it's a human condition that many of us suffer. It does make you wonder what is going to happen when the infant starts crying every 2 hours. Are they going to post the kid on here as:
"Infant to good home... We had this child hoping that it would be a model child only to find out that the stresses it's putting on our lives are unbearable. We dont want to drop the kid off at a shelter as most shelters wont take human babies. We thought of taping floppy ears to it and making it wear jammies that looked like snoopy but the crying gave it away... A small Rehoming fees apply to ensure a Good home as we'll need to buy lots of alcohol to recover. Fully vetted"