Emilu is NOT an actress!
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Thread: Emilu is NOT an actress!

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    DefaultEmilu is NOT an actress!

    I found out that Emilu is a MODEL and NOT and ACTRESS! She loves to have her picture taken and will hold a pose, with that ears up, head tilt forever if you want her to. When we took X-mas pics, She sat, and sat where I put her, as I kept correcting Skippy and hauling his butt back around in place. But tonight I decided to take a few short "movies" of Emilu doing some of her obedience things. Forget it! She wouldn't do anything, just kept sitting and looking at the camera. I repeated commands and tried to give hand signals while holding the camera - just a confused looking dog appeared in the movie. Skippy came over to see what was going on, and even HE responded better than she did. I think she sees the camera and thought - "that's a camera and I'm supposed to SIT STILL or I'll get corrected - so I'm sitting RIGHT HERE and not moving! But don't I look cute?" I eneded up deleting the movies before I thought to post them here - so no movies tonight. I didn't want to confuse her too much. But she's no actress!

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    DefaultRe: Emilu is NOT an actress!

    Emilu try modeling for mom one time. You may find you will have fun!! And there may even be a treat for you at the end.


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