Jonah can predict rain
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    We were outside in the front yard practicing some obedience with distractions (my neighbor who Jonah loves to say hi to was mowing his yard, the wind is blowing leaves and debris, etc). We were working on sit/stay, down/stay (with me running like a fool around him to see if he'd break), and wait/come (recall practice). He of course was watching the neighbor intently, but didn't break the stays, and came running across the yard to me on every recall after 'wait'. Then on one of the recalls, he came running, stopped halfway and started smelling the air. I thought for sure some distraction was going to win. He stayed there for a few seconds smelling, came to me for a second (normally he sits front upon coming), but then ran for the front door. I was trying to figure out what was going on, and it started raining a few seconds later. He must have smelled the rain coming!

    He did this one other time a few months ago; he refused to go for a walk, and after dragging him a few houses down, I finally turned around where he walked perfectly back to the house, and it started raining just as we walked into our yard.

    He may come in handy for me here in South Florida where we get daily afternoon thunderstorms in the summer!

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    DefaultRe: Jonah can predict rain

    That's cute.


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