Laser pointer fun!!
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Thread: Laser pointer fun!!

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    DefaultLaser pointer fun!!

    Does anyone else play with a laser pointer with their dogs? Guinness LOVES chasing the red dot around the house and back yard. He will jump half way up the wall to try to catch it and if you wiggle it on the floor he shakes his head back and forth, spit flying, trying to watch it. Cracks me up every time!!! ;D

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    Yep..till someone on the forum mentioned it may make them obsessive about flickering lights. We would take him out at night..with the backyard lights on..but just dark enough for him to see the light..and chase it back and forth. We'd stand on our deck..and shine the light all over the back yard. We stopped doing it tho.

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    How to get a dog complete nuts .. lesson one, buy a "laser pointer" ;D

    I think it is not a good idea such tools


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