Animal Planet just became available in our town, and I have recently become addicted to that as well. Especially Animal Precinct, and Emergency Vet, anything really to do with animals.

I noticed that there are alot of people out there who don't really care about their animals, the claim to love them, but don't show it in the slgihtest.

Yesterday there was a poor puppy owned by a homeless man and this pup got hit by a car, Animal Control came and told the man that the pup needed medical attention asap, and the man was hesistant. Homeless or not people know when someone is hurt, animal control almost called the police but the man came to his sense.

The other night was there was a pitbull who was attacked by another dog, and nearly had it's eye socket tore out, the owner let him stay like that before Animal Control was called. This dog need attention right away and suffered in pain because of that. Because you cannot stitch up a week old wound up he now needs cosmetic surgery...Poor dog.

From what I see on these types of shows, is that pitbulls are gentle dogs as well, most of them are forced to be mean and vicious. Mind you it's not on my agenda to ever own one, they are truely misunderstood.

Thanks for reading my venting....

Oh and my husband called there was a dog hit by the school bus this afternoon, completely crushed , one of the children on the bus owned that dog. So sad