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    My lab is 2 years old, and we adopted him from a shelter. I know labs love to fetch and carry around a ball or whatever. But my guy is extreme. He will grab anything he can get his mouth around (he's cracked off the tips of his teeth carrying huge rocks). And try and get you to throw it. Needless to say, a huge rock dropped on your foot doesn't really leave me wanting to play :P

    The strangest thing he does is when he sleeps on my bed, he'll bunch up the comforter, and hold it in his mouth. Its funny to see, but its getting kind of gross to go into my bedroom, and have a big wet spot on the bed!

    Any ideas on why he does this? Its like he constantly wants something in his mouth.

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    Maybe see if you can redirect his attention to something less tooth damaging? Like have a ball or stuffy ready when you catch him with a rock and trade? And maybe a sucky ball to trade for the comforter?

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    He does constantly want something in his mouth. It's a lab thing.

    Just make sure that he has lots of appropriate toys around, like balls for outside, stuffed toys that he can suck on inside. As long as these things are readily available, it should be pretty easy to redirect him from the harmful, inappropriate stuff to the good, OK-for-him-to-have stuff.
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