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Thread: Alert barking? suggestions needed

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    DefaultAlert barking? suggestions needed

    Mocha is my watch dog. She loves to sit by the front window and let me know when anyone or animal is within sight. She also will bark when she wants something (ie her ball is under the table, or behind something, or in their toy box : ). Not thinking about it at first I guess I encouraged the behavior which is my fault but I really would like to get her to stop or at least not do it with every little thing. By encourage her I mean when she would bark that she wanted her ball I would go get it for her. I prefer she lets me get it than knocking over somethign to get it herself but at the same time I don't want her barking her fool head off because she's too lazy to get it out of the toy box herself which is what it's escilated to. When she would bark at something outside before I would tell her to be quiet and try to get her out of the room. She doesn't just bark she gets her hackles up running back and forth and really gets worked up. None of the dogs wear collars in the house so it's impossible to get a hold of her to stop her really so I try to get her out of the room and shut the door. I've tried a squirt bottle too which sort of worked but not all the time.

    Latley I've been trying to ignore her completley when she's barking. If possible I either shut her out of the room I'm in or lock her in the room when I'm out of it depending on the situation and she normally stops right away. If I can't shut the door I try to completley ignore her. DH has been doing the same thing. I expected it to get worse for a while since it's worked before she would try it longer if it didn't work.

    For the most part when Mocha gets all in a tizzy then Zeus barks at her and it just makes it worse. To my knowledge she is much worse when I'm home like she's protecting me from the big bad cat outside or whatever. I hate to try to collar and leash them since they play bitey face and I'm worried about them getting tangled in the collars.

    Should I continue doing what I'm doing and try to ignore it the best I can or does anyone have any other suggestions.

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    DefaultRe: Alert barking? suggestions needed

    I think you are doing the righ thing.
    I did a similar thing with Ernie. He didn't bark when people came to the door and I wanted him to.

    I put a collar on him and each time he barked inappropriately I chucked him outside.

    When he barked to go out or when people were on the property I treated him.
    He soon learned.

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