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    I have picked four ticks off of Ellie in the past two days. Ellie has free run of the backyard and the house. She does enjoy the backyard and spends alot of time lizard hunting in the shrubbery. Most of this shrubbery grows through the chain linked fence we have with our neighbors.

    We use Frontline Plus regularly and treat the yard with pet safe flea and tick pellets when required.

    Do you all have a product that works well in your yard that is both pet safe and effective at killing these vile little creatures?

    We have never had a problem with fleas, only ticks. Do you find that Advantix works better than Frontline for repelling ticks?

    Appreciate any help you can provide.

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    Where do you live? I prefer frontline but then we mostly worry about fleas around here (florida). I'd call your vet, say your having this problem, and what does he recommend for the yard.

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    I think I posted this same info yesterday. Both Frontline and Advantix say that they kill ticks within 24 - 48 hours. However, Advantix claims to repel them. I live in a very tick infested area. From my own personal "field testing" Advantix works better ~ at least for Shelby.

    I still have nearly a full package of Frontline. I used it just a month ago and, within the month, removed 3 ticks from Shelby in one sitting. I'm back to Advantix now and don't think I'll even try the Frontline again.


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