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    I know this question has been asked a lot and that I should just search the forums but it is rainy and that makes me lazy! :-\

    My hubby and I just moved into our first house in late october! YEA for more room and no $1000 pet deposit! So, I kinda figured on us living there, pet-free, for about a year and then getting a pup! Well, I know that october is still quite a ways away but I am getting the puppy itch and really want to start researching this now.

    I have learned LOTS of things from this website regarding good breeders vs. bad ones and the benefits of rescue (I hope to be a foster home someday). So I know the valuble information that is out there.

    My question to all you wise people is, Do you know of any reputable breeders in the central texas, austin area? Or any rescue places in that area as well. I know BarronBunch has lots of rescue dogs and is in texas, just wasn't sure where - texas is a large state you know! ;D

    Anyway, I know this question gets asked a lot but I would appreciate the help! Thank you!!!

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    I would check out Laura's website, she has links to kennels all over the states.

    Here's the linky for Texas:

    And the rescue link page:

    Hope that helps!
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    Thank you!


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