BJ started beginner obedience last night.
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Thread: BJ started beginner obedience last night.

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    DefaultBJ started beginner obedience last night.

    There is quite a large group of dogs this time, compared to his puppy class where he was the sole student. There is a nice mix of large and small dogs, but BJ is the only lab and not the jumpiest dog (which made me happy ;D ). They don't want interaction between the dogs for the first couple weeks and that was hard for BJ. The room the classes is held in looks like it may have been a dance studio at one time because it is mirrored all two of the walls. BJ spent a good part of the evening starting at himself - vain little guy. I had borrowed a martingale collar from a friend to see how that would go but we ended up with a prong collar before the class was over. Every trainer has a different idea of what works best with what dog. What shocked me was that the SU went along with it, because up until this point he has been very anti-choke collar or prong. I can tell that we are really going to have to work on heel, but other than that he did very well.

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    DefaultRe: BJ started beginner obedience last night.

    Smart BJ!

    In Baloo's classes dog-to-dog interaction is not allowed during class time AT ALL, and thats definitely the hardest part for him. :-[ On a few occasions when we're working on recalls or jumping I've had to either tackle him to intercept a ploy to go greet another dog, or I've had to hurry over and peel him off of someone else's (well behaved, of course) dog. Although, in the last class, one of the goldens got away and visited HIM, which was a nice change. 8)

    Good luck in the rest of the classes! Be a good boy, BJ!!
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