Jonah's first time away
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Thread: Jonah's first time away

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    DefaultJonah's first time away

    We are going to be leaving Jonah at a friend's house on Thursday a.m. and picking him up Friday p.m. (so 2 days/1 night). I am so nervous! She pet sits 2 other friend's dogs when they are away, and I'm sure Jonah will be fine. But she did mention that her brother's dog got a bad scratch on the face from her cat, and she said wanted to warn me in case Jonah messed with the cat that the cat will scratch. I told her that since Jonah is still sort of learning to leave stuff alone, I wouldn't leave him out of his crate unless she is right there anyway. But now I'm worried about the cat. I'm pretty sure the cat will run away from Jonah since he is so hyper around other animals, but I'm still nervous.

    I'm also nervous because Jonah has on again off again loose poops and diarrhea. He's had rock solid for the last few weeks, and now again this morning loose. Praying he doesn't get diarrhea while he's there! He needs to do good so she'll agree to keep him again!

    So please send good thoughts that Jonah stays away from the cat and has hard poops on Thursday and Friday! And if you have any suggestions for his first time away from home, let me know!

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    DefaultRe: Jonah's first time away

    Sounds like he'll be OK. And I know you worry, but there's nothing like a good swat to teach him that kitties need their space to be respected.

    I would get a can of pumpkin and send it with him, ask her to just add a couple tabespoons to his food (and i would add it yourself as well in the next few days). It works wonders for us and should help him have firmer poops. I would also definitely warn her that he does have loose poops sometimes, so that she doesn't worry that it's her fault if he does end up with diarrhea.

    I'm sure he'll be fine and have a great time.
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