Flying Puppy Home Advice: Addendum
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Thread: Flying Puppy Home Advice: Addendum

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    DefaultFlying Puppy Home Advice: Addendum

    I have added two questions to my original thread. Upon reviewing my flight schedule, it is a long period of time between the last chance to eat/drink/bathroom break.
    Anyone have any experience here?
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    Additional two questions I added to original thread:
    6) The flight is scheduled for 4pm from Missoula, MT connecting to Denver, CO 2hr flight, there is a layover of an hour and then a 3hr flight back to Virginia; Feeding and watering during this period of time- when to begin/end and anything inbetween.
    7) Bathroom Break: Where/When/How? During the first leg and the layover- can I get my pup outside so she can relieve herself?


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    DefaultRe: Flying Puppy Home Advice: Addendum

    I flew Scotty home from Michigan. I bought a new Sherpa bag for him. I did not want to risk buying a used bag since you never know what kind of health the dog that used the bag before was in. I saw our Costco selling Sherpa-like bags for 1/4 of the price. I kept my bag because I knew that I'd be getting another puppy in the future.

    Scotty pooped three times in his bag. One in the airport, and twice on the planes. Somebody recommended to me putting layers of old dishrags or towels into the bag and just replacing them as they get soiled. Bring moist wipes with you too. Your puppy and the bag can get covered in poop, too. I'm glad I did since Scotty managed to poop on the "wall" of his bag.

    When he pooped on the plane (it got stinky fast), I just took him to the bathroom apologizing to everyone on the way. I threw away soiled rags and replaced them with a set of fresh rags. Nobody complained and some people wanted to come and see the puppy.


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