How I created a Monster
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Thread: How I created a Monster

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    DefaultHow I created a Monster

    Here I am thinking about Willow’s short life to date and when she was a puppy how I couldn’t leave her alone or she would do what all labs do well and get into trouble. :

    So every time I left a room I had to make sure she went with me or was at lease within site.

    This carries to this day (2 years later) I still have to keep her in my site at all times when she is out of her crate or she will get into mischief. :P

    So now I tell myself its no wonder she follows me around. If I leave the room she jumps up and follows. If I sit on the couch there has to be a spot for her right next to me. It doesn’t matter who else comes and goes in my family to her it’s all about me in Willow’s World. if I am eating dinner she is laying under the table at my feet. or under my desk when I’m on the computer.

    If by some strange reason I leave the house when some one else is home and leave her out of the crate she will sit in the window until I return occasionally whimpering (my wife thinks this is pathetic )

    But I can’t really complain I guess I inadvertently I trained her to be like this, I created the Monster!!

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    DefaultRe: How I created a Monster

    Willow is what some have called a Velcro dog, but I'm not sure you created that behavior. Of my four, only Mitzi is like that. They all want to be with me but it's an obsession with Mitzi. If I leave, as I drive by, Mitzi's head is in the window and when I return, she's still there in the window watching for me. She would sit on my lap 24 hrs a day if I let her, always has her head on my pillow at night.... I did not keep her with me the first two years of her life; I worked and was away from home most of the day as she stayed with my mom. Sometimes, I think her Velcro behavior is because she saw her mentor dog, Kasa pass and never come home again, and a year later, she saw my mom go to the hospital and never return. Maybe she's afraid I may leave her too. I don't really know what's in her head.
    I have read about other Velcro labs on JL in the past, but wonder if the behavior is just a personality thing or is it created in some way.

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    Gene Guest

    DefaultRe: How I created a Monster

    Willow just loves her daddy, that's all

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    jan elaine Guest

    DefaultRe: How I created a Monster

    I sure hope MitzandJudysmom and Gene are right because otherwise I too am creating a monster. : I do it more because I am in the house -training stage and.....well, because she is just so darn cute! :-* I LOVE holding her and sleeping with her. Shes my baby!! ;D

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    DefaultRe: How I created a Monster

    I have the same thing I call him my shadow. If I get up and leave the room he is right behind. Has been this way since 8 weeks.

    Courtney, Bogey and Calli

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    DefaultRe: How I created a Monster

    I'd bet it is more a part of their personality than anything taught. Even if Tal is on the bed and I am on the computer, if I get up, he follows. When I leave, the blinds are closed...not because of him but just habit. Dogs aren't the only ones...I cannot go anywhere in the house without Tal and Midnight both in tow!


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