Dear Aunty Felicia and Henery! (pics)
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Thread: Dear Aunty Felicia and Henery! (pics)

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    DefaultDear Aunty Felicia and Henery! (pics)

    Thank you soo much for my kewl Fido toy!! It's the coolest birthday gift that I ever got...ever!!

    It has a lot of weight to it, and I was wondering what's inside.

    I don't like to retrieve, but this one was worth retrieving for sure!

    but alas!
    Daddy played tug with me, and Mommy heard some seams go "rrrriiiippp!)
    and my Fido was full of my doggie saliva.

    So it's in the wash and once it's dried, Mommy has to do surgeries.

    thank you so much!! I can't wait till Fido gets out of surgery.

    bo-boe...the 5 year old Umlaut
    Linda and ZoŽ, the Umlaut
    Honolulu, Hawaii


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    DefaultRe: Dear Aunty Felicia and Henery! (pics)

    Hiya Zoes!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We's glad you like your Fido cattypillar! Momma thought it was way kewl (especially the weight of it!). I gots a Fido monkey for Christmas... it's already needed 2 surgeries... I tore off its ear and made a hole in its belly so Momma had to find thread to sew them up.

    Hope your cattypillar pulls through the surgeries okay!

    Loves, Henery!

    PS. Momma said that she was going to get me one too, but was afraids that I would delimb all them legs and the feeler thingies off the cattypillar's head! LOL! I prolly would have!

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    DefaultRe: Dear Aunty Felicia and Henery! (pics)

    LOL!!! That is too cute. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Zoes!
    Becca & Phoebe


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