Thank you secret santa!
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    DefaultThank you secret santa!

    after missing the mail earlier this week I talked to her yesterday and she told me it would be here today and to be home or it might get sent back : But we got it!!
    Dakota was the only one who seemed intrested in opening the toys. The other dogs just wanted to play with them lol

    We sure were spoiled.. we got lots of toys and cool stuff for the human kind..
    The dogs got 2 stuffed/roped bumper thinggies
    a goose!(loved by Jacey, wants to be killed by Maggie and Dakota)
    LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of balls.
    a hard ball
    THE RED BALL-makes noise and flashes.. Dakota chomped it and it almost found its way to the trash lol it was stuck on the same noise for a LONG time before I gave up trying to fix it and let her have it back. She figured out how to fix it herself...
    and a stuffed bone! Kaden like this one. He keeps putting it in his mouth and barking like a dog lol.
    The human kind got..
    the dogs playing cards! Each of the 52 cards have a diffrent dog on them!!
    flavored hot chocolate
    a very cute dog ornament you can put a picture in
    and a lab note pad.

    OOO whats in here

    Guys I think I found something!

    Jacey give that back I found it first..

    Ya? Well I took it out of the box so its MINE!

    Fine Ill find something else!

    OO look I found a red one! mom dont let her take it from me

    mom? this thing makes weird sounds

    OO Ill take these

    MMM dead tail with my fav toy attached!

    MMM paper

    THE Red Ball....

    Maggie waitting so nice for me to get all the toys out from under the tree

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    DefaultRe: Thank you secret santa!

    Good photos and captions!!! Looks like they had a blast!



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