Lab mix in Albany Oregon needs a ride home
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Thread: Lab mix in Albany Oregon needs a ride home

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    DefaultLab mix in Albany Oregon needs a ride home

    I know this is a long shot but it never hurts to ask. Rudy, a chocolate lab/Kelpie mix was seperated from his family and needs a ride to them in Tamaroa, Ill. It seems when his family moved they left him with a friend who's son was to bring him to Tamaroa in the Spring, when the weather was cooler. Due to health problems this family gave him to another family who took the dog to our local no-kill shelter; all this was without the owners knowledge. Rudy is 14 years old and too old to fly. His original family wants him back but needs to arrange ground transportation for Rudy. I've attached the Newspaper Story for you. If you can help please contact SafeHaven Shelter at 541-928-2789.

    Dog has a home - but needs a lift

    By Steve Lundeberg
    Albany Democrat-Herald

    Jesse Skoubo/Democrat-Herald
    Shelter resident Rudy has owners in Illinois who could use some help getting him there.

    Anyone interested in giving Rudy a ride home - to Illinois?

    Rudy, who’s been at SafeHaven Humane Society since May, was featured in Monday’s paper as one of three older dogs the shelter hoped to find homes for this Christmas season.

    Turns out the chocolate Lab/Kelpie cross, named after Rudolph the Red-Nosed

    Reindeer, already has a home. He just needs transportation.

    Rudy, believed by SafeHaven to be 7 years old but actually twice that age, is owned by Lebanon natives Desiree and Kevin Hummel, who now live in Tamaroa, Ill.

    Desiree’s friend Cassie Dunlap saw Rudy’s picture in the paper and contacted the Hummels.

    Desiree is a meat cutter at a grocery, and Kevin works for Research Mannekins, which transferred him from Lebanon to Illinois.

    The couple moved to the Midwest in September 2006. They took two of their three dogs with them on the 2,300-mile U-Haul ride in the late-summer heat but left 12-year-old Rudy behind with a friend, believing that Desiree’s oldest son, Seth Weathers of Monmouth, would bring him to Illinois in spring 2007.

    “The friend’s health took a turn for the worse, and he placed Rudy with another family without telling me, and they took the dog to the shelter three months after getting him,” Desiree said. “Then my son ended up not coming, but by then Rudy had been moved anyway. I lost track of him entirely last January or February.

    “If it had not been for that no-kill shelter, he’d have had no chance. He would’ve been euthanized long ago.”

    The good news, of course, is that didn’t happen. The bad news is it will cost more than $500 to arrange some kind of ground transport for Rudy — air travel would cost three times as much and would likely be too stressful on such an old dog anyway — and money is tight for the Hummels this holiday season as they are helping to care for Desiree's daughter and new grandson.

    Anyone with any help to offer in getting Rudy home — if not by Christmas, then maybe in time for his 15th birthday on Feb. 4 — is asked to call SafeHaven at 928-2789.

    “I know he hasn’t forgotten me,” Desiree said. “He was born into my hands in my living room. Both his parents were mine, and I have his two sons out here. I can’t wait to see him.”

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    DefaultRe: Lab mix in Albany Oregon needs a ride home

    Poor thing. What a sad story. I hope Rudy can find a way home.


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    DefaultRe: Lab mix in Albany Oregon needs a ride home

    Diane, where in Oregon is the Shelter. I Can't do anything until after the holidays, but could maybe get him to Boise sometime after that, need to make a trip to the relates anyway! I know that isn't very far, but I'll call and see if I can be of any help! Poor boy needs to get home!


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