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    I want to thank you again for a wonderful Secret Santa Package. Pitch Played himself silly. Giving me a lot of time to actually get my house cleaning done for company tomorrow. I didn't have to worry about him getting in trouble, he was so busy playing and chopping on his toys. For the record, this is the longest he has had a toy without destroying...I am so excited!!!

    PS did you lace the toys with Catnip? I have never seen him so Giddy before. You really found something he loved!!!


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    DefaultRe: Elias's Mom (Blacklabelias)

    AW, I'm so happy Pitch liked his stuff. I was getting worried because you hadn't gotten your gift yet. I sent it 9 days ago from NJ!!!

    Elias goes through toys pretty quick too, so I thought the tuffie ring might be good!
    Merry Christmas!


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