Hi guys.. thought i would post this here too to see if any of you can help.. The lab rescue here got the call yesterday about 10 labs (4 were on the list to be put down yesterday) and Suzanne Fox who runs Wild Heir lab rescue said she would take them all in... and then she got on the horn and as of this morning people have come forward and agreed to foster all of these guys... now they need everyone else's help.. please see email below.

I know this is a bad time of year but Suzanne and the labs at Wild Heir lab rescue really need our help.

She has just agreed to take in 10 purebred Labrador retrievers from Walter Crowe Animal shelter in Camden SC yesterday (4 were on their last day)... And the best Christmas present of all is that Suzanne was able to find all 10 foster homes in less than a day!!! Which is totally awesome!!!

Now that the dogs are saved they really need our help coming up with the funding to cover their expenses.. If you cant donate funds at this time.. do you have an extra collar laying around, any extra flea meds or heart worm meds?? Petedge and other websites even have collars and such on sale and you can order and have it shipped directly to Suzanne and the labs..

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated..

I think it would be really cool if we were all able to come together and get these guys new collars, cover their food bill and their vet bill.. Would be a great Christmas gift to a great group of dogs and Suzanne.

If you would like to donate their info is on their site:
http://www.wildheirlabradorrescue.org/index.htm (note they are in the process of getting the link on the first page fixed.. but if you go to donations there is a working paypal link..)