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    I have heard a few people mention the different types of labs before and am wondering if someone can explain this to me? ??? I have noticed that some looked stockier than others (Rukus is the opposite of this...), is this part of it?

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    DefaultRe: Lab Types?

    There are field, show and pet bred Labradors, with a bit of everything else in between. Show breeders try to produce dogs for the show ring. Many show and compete in other performance areas. Then there are duel purpose breeders who breed for show and field - although the successful duel purpose kennels are few and far between.

    Field bred Labradors are bred for working. They are generally bred for field trials/hunt tests and/or strictly as hunting companions. True field bred Labs come from a working breeder and have working/titled/health tested ancestors.
    Many people mistake pet bred Labs for field bred Labs. Chances are that unless you purchased a dog or puppy specifically from a working breeder, it is not a field bred.

    Pet bred Labradors make up the vast majority of our breed. Pet bred puppies come from matings between two pet bred Labradors (no health testing/titles/pedigree certs), accidental litters, pet stores, puppy mills, etc., etc. Basically, they come from anything other than a reputable breeder. Although, there are varying 'levels' of backyard breeders. Some are far worse than others.


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