High Value Toy? (i.e. playing keep away)
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Thread: High Value Toy? (i.e. playing keep away)

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    DefaultHigh Value Toy? (i.e. playing keep away)

    Is there an item that will entice your dog to the point where they play keep away (refuse to come near you, duck out of the way, no treat is good enough...)?

    It's happened a few times with Rocky, yesterday was one of those days. I think it's the same ball too (same brand, not the SAME ball). Squeaky tennis balls (but the squeaky is broken - they are just extra chewy).

    Yesterday I was lucky and just asked another dog owner to hold Rocky for a second and I took the ball away. AFTER that no problem - he was coming to me and letting me touch him. COMPLETE turn around in behavior.
    The last time this happened (last year around this time) I was alone at the park with him and it took a very long time for us to figure out a solution (at some point I just sat there and cried in frustration).

    Now the thing is, he does play with these balls on and off during the year so I'm wondering if it's lack of routine and built up frustration that is more the cause of the problem.

    Does this ever happen to you?
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: High Value Toy? (i.e. playing keep away)

    Mocha used to do that with her bones when she had them but I started taking them away regularly and giving them back most of the time. I think she figured out that she would get it back if she gave it to me so she gives them up easily now. Maybe try playing with that toy more often so it's not such a special thing when he does have it. Maybe sit on the ground or run away from him too since they will normally come to investigate if your on the ground and will chase if you run away.

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    DefaultRe: High Value Toy? (i.e. playing keep away)

    Sticks for my Rocky. I can pretty well always get him to drop something but he values sticks over any toy it seems.

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    DefaultRe: High Value Toy? (i.e. playing keep away)

    (1) Sticks
    (2) An apple in the yard that dropped from the tree.
    (3) ANY DEAD ANIMAL! ANY DEAD ANIMAL regardless of condition.

    Note on (3) A live animal, i.e. baby bunny that was still alive, was surrendered genltly with no coaxing.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.


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