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    Hi there!! I'm new here. We are getting a 3 1/2 year old female black Lab on Sunday. She has been living in a kennel/run and let out a couple of times a day and taken hunting about three days a week. She hasn't had a lot of people interaction otherwise. She is a very well trained dog though.

    I'm looking for any tips on how to make her transition as easy as possible for her and us. We are wanting to make her an inside dog who has a doggie door to go out in her pen as often as she would like. We have a room that is cooler than the rest of the house and has a door going directly outside. That's where we intend to make her room.

    We have a 3 1/2 year old Pug as well as a 22 month old Little Man who she will be sharing her life with. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!


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    DefaultRe: Tips for getting an older Lab

    Hi and congratulations!

    I adopted Murray when he was 2.

    My suggestion is to treat her just like a puppy. Take her out frequently to potty. Keep her with you at all times (or crated if you can't supervise her). Keep her on a consistant schedule (potty, eat, sleep, exercise).

    If you know her current schedule (if she has one), start with that then modify it to fit your routine. Once she gets into a routine it won't matter so much if you have to change it occasionally but when she is first trying to get used to everyone and everything it just makes the transition easier if every single thing in her life isn't in flux.

    Set your rules early. That means if you don't want to have the dog on the furniture, don't let her start. You aren't being mean. These are your rules. Dogs like consistancy and structure so the more consistant you and your behavior are, the easier the transition will be for her.

    After she has been with you for a few weeks, I'd think about signing up for an obedience class. It will help her bond. It will be a chance for her to be around other people, dogs, strange surroundings. I wouldn't do this right off the bat because she needs to learn to trust you in a safe environment before taking her out where anything can and does happen.

    ~edited~ One other thing. Adult dogs have a longer attention span than puppies so she should pick up things fairly quickly.

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    DefaultRe: Tips for getting an older Lab

    Congratulations. My last two labs were rescues but were both about 8-10 months old when adopted. I agree with Rottnlabs. She will be very unsure of herself and might seem depressed at first. It helps to have another dog in the house. Be patient with her.

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    DefaultRe: Tips for getting an older Lab

    I got Zeus when he was 1 1/2 and he had spent the previous year in a kennel outside. He was let out several times a day and they did play with him but he wasn't around any other dogs or people really. Luckily he was house trained as a puppy and did retain that so he has only made one mess in our house and that was more marking where our other dog had messed.
    If possible talk to the current owner and get a transition training class kind of have them show you all the commands the dog knows now and how he issues them. This will make the transition a little easier. In the house watch her closley to make sure to minimize any messes and distruction. I would crate her or kennel her at first when your not home for her safety so she doesn't get into anything while your gone until she learns the rules.
    As rottnlabs said set the rules right away if you don't want her on the furniture or in certain areas don't let her do it at all. If she makes a mess and you catch her take her out right away. If you don't catch her just clean it up.
    Watch her around your little one and don't let them alone at first. You don't know how either one will react and accidents happen. If your little one has food watch to see how she reacts.

    Good luck I love that we got Zeus when he was older he's a great dog and has been a great addition to our family.


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