A Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics
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Thread: A Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics

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    DefaultA Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics

    Another growth update on Toshi & below are also some recent images of her experiencing Snow & Ice for the first time!

    This is day 1 @6 weeks old ~ Toshi first experiencing a hardwood floor and very scared. The best location of all the images I have because of the steps she is next too!

    Toshi @11 weeks old...

    Toshi @15 weeks old...

    Toshi @20weeks old...

    Toshi is getting big, but seems like she has slowed down a bit. I know she still has a good 2.5 months of solid growth left so I'm really hoping she gets in the range of 65-75lbs..

    Toshi's Weight:
    @6 weeks ~ 7.8lbs
    @9 weeks ~ 13.6lbs
    @11 weeks ~ 17.5lbs
    @13 weeks ~ 21.5lbs
    @15 weeks ~ 25.5lbs
    @17 weeks ~ 30.5lbs
    @20 weeks ~ 35.0lbs

    Toshi is coming around great with potty training and is giving me very clear warnings that she has to go out. She is even holding all night and waits for me to wake and bring her out....but still sometimes if she can't get my attention she will go inside but its always in her designated place that I'm ok with. No more going wherever like she used too! She has also gotten extremely good with leash walking and follows at a steady pace most the time, but still likes to stop and sniff whenever she can! Biting however is another story, I cannot break her of the desire to bite my fingers, hands and wrists! 95% of the time she's only trying to play with me or others, but sometimes on accident she'll draw blood if u pull back biting harder to hold on. Toshi has no issues with attacking or being the least bit defensive with toys, her food, her paws or anything. She allows anyone to touch her or her toys or be near and pet her while shes eating, and she loves having her paws and toes rubbed. So I don't understand the need to always bite while playing. Hopefully I can break her of this eventually...

    Well for the first time in I don't remember how long we actually got snow before X-Mas and its been here for several days! It usually melts the next day even when it does snow...I hate Missouri... {Unfortunately the camera was not avail to me the first few days of the snowing and I couldn't get 1st reactions of Toshi's experiencing snow. They were so much better than these pics too, so hope u enjoy what I did get!}

    Before we got the snow there was a freezing rain storm and everything was iced over bad...thought I'd let her try it out the ice on our deck!

    These last few were taken at night, mainly cause the snow is blindingly bright to my eyes during the day, I tried to get some good shots but like I said above, her initial reactions to the snow are not there anymore!

    I found building small-to-large piles of snow Toshi loves to jump into and start digging away like I hid a bone in there or something.

    Ack, daddy! Don't eat the Yellow Snow!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    5 new images from early this morning before it got too bright:

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    DefaultRe: A Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics

    She has grown quiet a bit! She is still very pretty too.

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    Gene Guest

    DefaultRe: A Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics

    Toshi is beautiful, thanks for sharing the updates.

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    DefaultRe: A Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics

    She's just as cute as she was on the first day you brought her home.
    Bruno loves to chew nylabones. Whenever he tries to chew on my fingers, I put a nylabone in his mouth. He likes to gently "hold" my hand in his mouth, which is very sweet, but I can't let him because it will escalate to biting playfully. As soon as his mouth touches skin, I pull away saying "no bite" and put a favorite chew toy in his mouth, or say "kiss kiss" and his bite turns into licks. The key to stop the biting is to teach that it is never OK to have skin in mouth. ( I know - it's easy for me to say since Bruno gets all the rough stuff out of his system biting on his furry brother and sisters. All that's left for me is the labrakisses.)

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    DefaultRe: A Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics

    Nice puppy!
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    DefaultRe: A Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics

    Toshi is a DOLL. I love the fact that you recorded her growth alongside a stair step. Great idea.

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    DefaultRe: A Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics

    What great pictues, Toshi is beautiful.

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    DefaultRe: A Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics

    AWW shes growing up! Very pretty girl!

    Courtney, Bogey and Calli

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    DefaultRe: A Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics

    What a great idea with the stairs. You can really tell the difference there. Toshi is beautiful. I love all the first reaction pix.

    Never let her bite at you even just playing. Say immediately "no bite" and direct her attention with something else. We went through it, too, and you will get through it. But you'll get to where you say "no bite" even when someone taps you on the back ;D

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    DefaultRe: A Toshi Update w/ Snowy pics

    Toshi is a beautiful, and it looks like you are doing well with her.

    The pictures showing her growth against those steps are great.

    Ice in the mouth! My guess is that all labs like to do that.

    I am about 6 months ahead of you on the puppy training. I don't know if it is age, I am certain some of it is. But around 5 months, i decided i had to get the biting/mouthing of my hands, arms, face stopped and stopped quickly. My motivation was a 1 year old granddaughter. I never hit HK. If she took my skin in her mouth, a strong NO, the game was over, whatever game it was, and a toy of her was shoved in her mouth, and I walk away. Be assured, there were lots of times I didn't want to stop or walk away, but it only took about two weeks to pretty much eliminate it.
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