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    I have a two yr old yellow lab who is, for the most part, a great member of our family. This is my first dog, so a lot of his training has been trial and error. I have a problem sometimes when he's off leash. I take him almost daily to conservation land, trails in the woods where he can run off-leash and a lake where he swims. He's great with other dogs; always playful and submissive. With strangers though, sometimes he's riled up from playing and jumps up on them, sometimes trying to grab their gloves or leash if it's hanging around their neck. Today we were having a great time. It was very cold and windy, which gets him extra excited. We were walking on the trail and he noticed something in front of us and went bounding off. Turns out it was a man running, which in his dog brain meant "chase". He ended up jumping up and "playfully" grabbing the mans sleeve in his teeth. The man (not a dog person) totally freaked. Aside from keeping him on leash all the time, can anyone shed some insight onhow to make this stop?


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    Well, I guess the first suggestion is to work on developing a very solid recall. People talk about 100% recalls - I'm not sure if one can ever reach 100% compliance. But if you can bring it up in the 90th percentile, that will help with a lot of what you're talking about.

    When I have the boys off leash somewhere, it is always a place where I can see for several hundred yards. Big open fields. If I see someone or something (another dog, etc) approaching, I can call them in, sometimes before they even see it.

    Maybe a long line would be a good solution? I've never felt comfortable with one, though. I'm always afraid of it getting tangled, and in the woods it certainly wouldn't work very well.

    Just work hard on that recall. Make sure you always make it the most amazingly rewarding experience to return to you when you call. Also make a habit of recalling several times during play, then releasing again for more play, so they don't come to associate recall with play ending. Instead, it's a little party in between play.

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    I am sure there are great trainers here, bt I agree with everything AngusFangus said. I would add that jumping on anyone at any time should be corrected, at least as an interim step for consistentcy.

    I worked with a trainer, for HK, and brought up an e-collar as a training aid for recall. She/They were dead set against using them. I do not really want to myself for many of the reasons often presented here. But for recall, I am getting closer and closer to taking that step. If I do, I will spend a weekend with a trainer that trains with them for hunters to learn how to use it appropriately. Further discussion with the original trainer exposed an interesting story. She has a Giant Schnauzer. Super dog, super responsive. Will, it turns out, if that dog sees a bunch of geese on the water or ice, it used to be bye, bye Schnauzer. How did she correct it? The truth came out, She resorted to an e-collar. Oh! The hypocracy of it all. Some off leash behaviors just need an exrendable leash. Turns out, when they go off near water, the dog still has the e-collar put on. It hasn't been used with a nick setting since the third week of training with it for this behavior. She now gets his attention and recall with just the tone.

    It is an undesirable tool, and users are often chastised. But certain behaviors have to be corrected and off leash behaviors are very diffucult to correct with voice.
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