Fanny's night time adventures.
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Thread: Fanny's night time adventures.

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    DefaultFanny's night time adventures.

    She normally sleeps at the bottom of the bed, at my feet effectively short sheeting my side of the bed. On the up side, she keeps my feet warm!

    Tuesday night she got up on the bed and lay as close to the edge of the bed as she could. She normally leaves enough room for my leg to stretch out beside but not that night. About 3 am I hear this big bump and tumbling noise and there she was on the floor beside me looking up at me - WTF?!?

    She would not get up on the bed again until Pat got up in the morning and there was plenty of room for her. She has not slept with us since, but as soon as Pat gets up she gets up and goes under the fleece, at my feet, to get warm.............

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    DefaultRe: Fanny's night time adventures.

    LOL! Oh no Fanny. Hold on next time. ;D
    Katie and Boo

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    DefaultRe: Fanny's night time adventures.

    LOL. I've gone from sleeping in a kingsize bed to a double bed. Nellie has become a real pain in the butt. She is a bed hog and every time I move during the night she jumps down then wakes me up so she can jump up again. LOL And with the cold weather she insists on sleeping under the covers.


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