Palying at the park as usual today. Then I see this guy bring his dog onto the grounds. The dog is about Golden size but is maybe a Golden-GSD mix...not sure but she is a beautiful dog and seems pretty well behaved.

On the rare occasion I see someone with a dog there, I will throw the ball in the opposite direction and move our game out of Tal's sight of the other dog. It's pretty easy to do. Anyway, I have seen this guy with his dog there before from a distance and met up with another dog and this Golden/GSD mix seemed a bit snippy with the other dog. I was not close enough to see and know for sure.

Anyway, not wanting to take chances, I moved our game a safe distance away. Dude brings his dog over to where we were, mind you it was way out of their way, said his dog is friendly. Of course Tal runs up thinking play play. I was right there and I saw the other dog was about to get snippy...don't really think aggressive and probably was because she was on leash and Tal was not. I just called to Tal and just as he turned to come to me, she starts biting and growling. Not sure what precipitated it but dude had her under control and of course Tal came to me.

He just said down Abbey and stepped back a step or two. He then apologized said good evening and left. I returned the niceities. Tal seemed no worse for the wear and wanted to go try and play again, which of course I nixed. We resumed our game and I don't think he was any worse for the wear. I know he has been put in his place before, but it was always with another dog I knew and was aware that was what was happening. I'm probably making a mountain out of a mole hill, but he has never had a bad experience with any dog and I want to do everything possible to keep it that way.