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Thread: second fear stage?

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    Defaultsecond fear stage?

    BACKGROUND: Gabby just turned sixteen months. She goes to daycare 1 day a week, and my mom's house on Fridays. She also has private obedience & rally lessons 1-2 a week and goes TONS of places with me (parks, Petsmart, in-laws, dogparks, dog shows, etc) mainly to practice, but also just to go. She didn't really have a first fear stage- just some times when she would "quiet bark" at people (people that had different skin colors, handicapped people, etc)- but that passed by the time she was 3.5 months.

    ISSUE: When something startles her, it seems to do so for an unusually long time & much more than normal.

    Ie, this morning, I took her to daycare & they had a new statute out front. She barked, growled, spun, backed out of her collar...I ignored her for five minutes (once she was back on leash!) with her flipping around like a bass, but I ended up just baiting her past it with part of her lunch. The daycare staff did say that every dog that came in today had been flipped out by the statute but... we've been having a couple of incidents like that lately.

    I really don't think this is a socialization/training issue, but I wanted to see if there was a second fear stage before I pulled my paranoid dog mom routine and hauled her in for a physical

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    DefaultRe: second fear stage?

    I don't know about a second fear stage, but Baloo has pulled that act before. Once it was because they had painted the fire hydrant on the street by our house. He totally lost it, and once I "showed" it to him and we walked by once, he was fine. Didn't even glance at it ever again.

    He's done that probably 3-4 times in total. Always over very odd, seemingly trivial types of things. And then he gets over it and it never bothers him again. But maybe he's wierd. 
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    DefaultRe: second fear stage?

    Probably just the change in her normal surroundings. Abby freaked out at a snow man on our walk last night, and I mean freaked out. It was funny, but in the end she was wagging her tail and sniffing it.
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