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    After our we have finished lunch or tea and just having tea or coffee, it is then that sasha springs into life, she comes around the table nudges your hand or leg then walkes off toward the bin, she wont take any treat well not untill you have cleared all the dishes, off the table as well as the cups, she dosn't give you five minutes to relax after a meal even in the morning after breakfast she is there nudging your hand, it's comical and i was just wondering does anyone 's dog do this still not got the hang of this camera but my lads home thisweekend he'll help me to put pics of sasah on the board.

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    Emilu is the same way. She waits very patiently with her head on my knee while we eat, but the SECOND you are done (and she KNOWS when you are done eating) she starts to circle under the table and around SU and me, waiting for us to give them a little scrap of whatever is left. No sitting back and relaxing here either!

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    Cute. Love to see some pics.

    Yes unfortunately I think most Labs will hang around in the slim chance of getting a morsel. Eating is the reason they think they are on this earth.

    Erns drops his bowl on my knee.

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