Harlee udpate (Pedialite question)
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Thread: Harlee udpate (Pedialite question)

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    DefaultHarlee udpate (Pedialite question)

    I called the vet and she said not to worry for another day or so unless she starts to get lethargic. She told me i could use pedialite because she is not drinking water, does anyone know how much for a 40lbs dog?

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    DefaultRe: Harlee udpate (Pedialite question)

    Sorry to hear Harlee is not feeling well. I'm not sure about the pedialyte....in the past when my past lab did not drink we just put a tiny bit of something flavorful in his water(broth, juice) and he would lap it up. Is pedialyte sweet or tasty? Maybe just put a bit of that in the water instead of just straight?


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