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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Pr.

    Or, what about putting in 15 minutes for all of you when you can use a break from studying?
    I do this. 2-3 hours at the books, then 15-20 minutes with the chuck-it, or obedience practice or a walk.

    We actually don't walk twice a day regularly. But she gets an hour (or more) a day of exercise because of the study breaks.

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    That's the problem. I'm having difficulty getting into a routine. When I work, I work from 3pm-11:30pm. When I have school, it's 9am-12am one day per week, 8am-10am another, and then 7am-1:30pm for the other two. I often have school and work on the same day, or work the night before school. I am ***NOT*** a morning person; never have been, so getting up extra early to walk the dogs before school is out of the question, especially if I worked the night before. I need my sleep. It's all I can do to force myself out of bed on time for the bus to school. When I get home from school, I am so sleepy that I have to take a nap, and if I also work that same day, then I have to shower, eat, and get ready for work after my nap and before leaving for work. I bicycle commute to and from work and since I live in the hills, getting home from work on my bike is a workout. I pedal uphill for 3.5 miles at midnight, and now that the weather is changing I'll be doing this in the rain as well, like I did all winter last year. By the time I get home, I am so tired from having gotten up early and gone to school and cycled to and from work, not to mention eight hours of being on my feet at work. I think breaking up study times with the occasional fifteen minute jaunt is probably my best bet. On my days off, when I don't have school or work (like today), I can do the longer trips to the dog park. During the week, when I have school and work, I think the fifteen minute trip to the end of the street and back will just have to do. If I can squeeze that in a couple of times per day and toss the ball for them at home a couple of times, it's better than nothing.

    My daughters have helped out and walked the dogs every now and then, and my BF likes to throw the ball for them, so it's not like they've been completely neglected. It's just that I went from being very active, working out at the gym three times per week, plus SAR training with Lucy three times per week, plus walking the dogs almost daily, to either being at school, work, asleep, or studying. I've actually gained back ten of the twenty pounds I lost, and the dogs are a lot naughtier lately.

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