Clarence got detention at doggie daycare
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Thread: Clarence got detention at doggie daycare

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    DefaultClarence got detention at doggie daycare

    We take him to a doggie daycare that is on a farm--lots of animals around, but the dogs are in a fenced area, very cool place. They have toys out in each of the doggie areas (a little dog area and a big dog area). Clarence is a little OCD about tennis balls and there are tennis balls at the daycare. Apparently yesterday he had one in his mouth and another dog tried to get it out of his mouth and Clarence snapped at him. The other dog was not hurt. Clarence was taken out of the pen and put in a kennel for the rest of the afternoon. I don't know if they disciplined him or not otherwise. DH and I were very distressed to hear this when we picked him up--especially with a new puppy coming soon. We talked to our trainer and she said that in daycare situations where there are high value items like balls, dogs will do this. She said it's like people who have certain special things that they don't want to share. She said that when the puppy comes, the high value items to Clarence, like tennis balls, will have to be brought out only when he's alone, so they remain special to him and so no problems occur. We decided not to go back to the doggie daycare at the farm for awhile (there are other great ones around). I'm thinking that the inicident wasn't 100% Clarence's fault and that the daycare shouldn't have toys out in the first place--none of the other ones we take him to have toys out--obviously for a reason. Any thoughts on this behavior?

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    DefaultRe: Clarence got detention at doggie daycare

    they don't have balls at Lola's daycare for this reason. It is a highly valued toy and can cause problems. The only toys they have out are ones that they can all share (tug toys things like that) They are very aware of when a dog is getting a little possesive of a toy. I would do what your trainer suggested. Maybe if you explained to the daycare, they would leave the balls out of the area while Clarence is there, I'm sure there would still be plenty of stuff around to keep the pups amused

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    DefaultRe: Clarence got detention at doggie daycare

    Yeah I think that's a little bit of poor judgement on the daycare's part. A tennis ball is a guaranteed high value toy to a LOT of dogs.

    My daycare doesn't even do toys from what I see on the webcam. Too much chance for incidents like Clarence's.

    Sorry your boy got d-time. He's a good boy though. Time for a new place to play!!

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    DefaultRe: Clarence got detention at doggie daycare

    yep, our day care has no toys either.

    Maybe Clarence will do fine with the ball and puppy if introduced properly?
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