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    I call Cody through out the day and I always ask about my puppy. Cody tells me, he is such a lazy dog. Said all he does is sleep all day long under the windows. He will get up put his nose out the window to smell and make sure he hasnt missed anything and then lays back down and goes back to sleep.

    Yesterday he took him to his moms house to run around and he got a bath. He slept the whole time after they got home from there.

    I guess we know what he MIGHT do if we just left him out during the day. We will start working with him on that.

    But I just wanted to share how lazy my dog is.

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    DefaultRe: Tater is lazy

    What a lazy boy - Bailey seems to have her days like this, some full of energy & others just in the relaxing mood!

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    DefaultRe: Tater is lazy

    Mambo is lazy as well. When I am home sick or something and want to sleep the whole day, Mambo has no problem with it and will crawl in bed and nap all day with me. He will sleep in till about noon on the weekends unless I make him get up.

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    DefaultRe: Tater is lazy

    Phoebe is lazy too. She pretty much lays around all morning and lately i've been getting up at 9 and she doesn't even come up. I come down and she's upside down on the couch. I take her out between 10 and 11 most days for about 1/2 hr and then she just lays around all day until the next time she goes out in the late afternoon. Lazy lazy.
    Becca & Phoebe


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