Pampered Chef Show for Labrador Life Line through 11/20
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Thread: Pampered Chef Show for Labrador Life Line through 11/20

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    DefaultPampered Chef Show for Labrador Life Line through 11/20

    Hi everyone-

    Greetings from Labrador Life Line!

    Thank you to everyone who has ordered from Pampered Chef so far! Proceeds from your purchases will benefit labs in need, and help Labrador Life Line during this busy holiday season of need!

    Our Pampered Chef fundraiser show will run through November 20, 2007. Labrador Life Line will only get a portion of proceeds from sales until that date, so time is running out to shop from this fabulous store!

    The Pampered Chef offers professional quality multipurpose kitchen tools, simple mealtime preparation techniques, and cookbooks that make home cooking quick, easy and fun. They also feature many items for entertaining during the holiday season. There's something for everyone, even grilling essentials for the guys on your list. Their selection and prices offer everything from great stocking stuffers to more elaborate gift ideas. This is a great opportunity to start your holiday shopping for dog lovers and non-dog owners alike!

    It's easy to support Labrador Life Line with your Pampered Chef shopping! Step by step instructions can be found at:

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the bottom left corner where it says "Order Products"
    3. On the next page, you will enter "Labrador Life Line" as the organization where it asks for "Host First Name or Organization" , then click on "Search for Host" button.
    4. On the next page, click on "Labrador Life Line"
    5. Start shopping!
    6. At checkout, be sure to select "Ship To Customer" so your items will come directly to you.

    **When you order, you must put "Labrador Life Line" in the area for Host First Name or Organization for us to receive credit for your purchases.

    Permission to crosspost freely given and encouraged...please pass this message on to spread the word!

    Thank you for supporting Labrador Life Line!


    Kristin Boggs

    Labrador Life Line

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    DefaultRe: Pampered Chef Show for Labrador Life Line through 11/20

    Just had to go searching for this, thought I'd bump it up for anyone else interested.

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    DefaultRe: Pampered Chef Show for Labrador Life Line through 11/20

    Good stuff, especially with the holidays coming up.
    Toby and Chamois say: GO STEELERS!


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