I had a horrible dream about Skippy - long
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Thread: I had a horrible dream about Skippy - long

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    DefaultI had a horrible dream about Skippy - long

    I tend to have "unusual" dreams to say the least. Normally I don't even try to explain them, but I've had a few lately that stick with me after I wake up -with vivid mental pics and actual physical feelings. Last night I dreamed that Skippy peed on the wall in our bedroom. Of course I was furious with him and went looking for him, yelling at him and showing him the stain on the wall. Both dogs ran into the garage (not our real garage, but a dream one) and climbed up on all the mountains of stuff in it. SU went out to help me get them back in the house. As we were calling them, Emilu came down, then Skip. SU yelled - 'theres' something wrong with his eyes" He had copious amounts of brown fluid draining from them, so much that he couldn't see. I was trying to help him down and look at his eyes. Then he fell on the floor and laid there with a large pool of brown fluid gathering under him. I sat beside him , shocked and horrified as the fluid just kept spilling out. I was crying and saying over and over, "Skippy, I love you, you're my boy, that's a good dog. I knew that he was dying. The fluid was starting to seep out of multiple cut like slits on his top side and he was practically deflating as he laid there, still alive. Emilu was crouched close to us, looking very worried and depressed, but the fluid was starting to reach, her, and not knowing what it was or if it was dangerous, I was trying to get her to move away - all the while saying "Skippy, I love you, your mamas boy, it's Ok. Ugghhhhhh!!! Still gives my the creeps!

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    DefaultRe: I had a horrible dream about Skippy - long

    How scary. I hate having dreams like that.


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