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    DefaultDog friendly building

    Thought of writing this some time ago but kept forgetting.
    I'm just happy I live in a pet friendly building. ;D There are a number of people that have dogs and when the builder finished the garbage room couple of months ago, one day I go in there to take out my trash and.. oh boy! right next to the door, a garbage can with a lid that says: "pet waste, please use bio-degradable bags". And now from time to time you can even see a box of doggy bags on the table in the lobby. I thought that was so cool... glad to see our condo board and management company are dog friendly!

    You just wouldn't believe how much the doggy waste garbage can made me happy... lol.. I mean if you have a house, you can store it in a garage or somewhere, but it's not like I'd take that stuff to my apartment, so I'd always walk around till he does his business and then walk around some more to find a garbage can somewhere... :

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    DefaultRe: Dog friendly building

    Very cool!!!
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    DefaultRe: Dog friendly building

    That really is cool. I hate just throwing it in the trash, seems like such a waste of perfectly good compost.
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