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    One of my favorite channels is Animal Planet. This week they are focusing on Tigers and there is a park in Australia (or maybe New Zealand) where they raise the tigers to live in a human world. Not as pets, and they reside at this park.

    They train them, not unlike how we train our dogs! Plus, they walk them through the park with people and you can actually touch one. Those tigers were about as tame as a wild animal can get. Funny thing was if something spooked them, there was a caretaker they had been with since birth. They would seek out their care taker.

    When they were kittens, the vets vaccinated them and gave them oral stuff...oh they DID NOT like the taste...and what a face.

    Their caretakers even made them birthday cakes for their birthdays!

    Some of their antics were in line with labs...you'd think in some of the instances that they were labs in a tiger suit! The best shot though was one of them was a white one they named Taj (like in Taj Mahal). This huge year old tiger was asleep with his caretaker and had his front paws and legs wrapped around the man. It was an awesome sight!

    Sorry so long but I just thought I'd share this. It was really interesting.

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    DefaultRe: A Great Show - NLR

    I love Animal Planet. It's my favorite channel.
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