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Thread: miniature labrdor?

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    Defaultminiature labrdor?

    g'day to all. i was given a black female labrador by a friend. the dog is three years old and is very adorable. she has adapted very well to the family and its like that she had been with us since puppyhood. a particular characteristic that stands out is her being rather small compared with our other labs. she measures only 19 inches at the withers and is around 45-50 lbs.

    whenever we go for a walk, other people would ask if she's a puppy and would be surprised when i tell them she's 3 years old. i just want to get enough info if there is indeed a miniature labrador or if my bessie is really just a runt. i am not complaining as we love her dearly, just want to know more about her "breed". thank you to all.

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    DefaultRe: miniature labrdor?

    There is no such thing as a miniature Labrador.

    She's just a little on the small side. Here's a bit of the breed standard:
    Size, Proportion and Substance
    Size--The height at the withers for a dog is 22½ to 24½ inches; for a bitch is 21½ to 23½ inches. Any variance greater than ½ inch above or below these heights is a disqualification. Approximate weight of dogs and bitches in working condition: dogs 65 to 80 pounds; bitches 55 to 70 pounds.
    Also, I think the term "runt" just refers to a sickly puppy in a litter, but I could be wrong about that.

    Enjoy your girl, I'm glad that you're able to provide her with a good home.
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    DefaultRe: miniature labrdor?

    My Bess was the runt of her litter and had an adult weight of 55 lbs, at the minimum for the Lab standard.

    I was so happy with a runt that, when I discovered Puff was also a runt, I immediately attracted to her. At 9 weeks age, she was 6 lbs. compared to the 12 lbs of her littermates.

    A runt, in my experience, is a pup that's born much smaller than the others in that litter.

    I very much DO like a smaller Lab -- they so easily fit in so many more places. I hope in time you learn to appreciate your good fortune.
    Puff [YF, AKC field line (from competing HT/FT breeder) 62 lbs, dob: 8-'01]

    Bess [BF, AKC bench line (from competing show breeder) 55 lbs., 1967-1981] "Poor Bess, the Wonder Dog":

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    DefaultRe: miniature labrdor?

    we'd love to see a picture of her....maybe she isn't full blooded lab...someone here may be able to answer you a little more informative if you post pictures....lots of pictures...

    pictures please?? ;D ;D ;D

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    DefaultRe: miniature labrdor?

    Kassa was smaller and looked so petite. Everyone adored her. She was a pure breed. I think she may have been 20 inches.
    I didn't notice her any smaller than the other pups. The breeders were going to keep her, but the white spot and curly back wasn't good so I was lucky enough to get her.

    For me she was perfect.

    You can see how much smaller she was beside Ernie.

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    DefaultRe: miniature labrdor?

    My male is a pure labrador standing 20" at the withers and is just about 60lbs. He looks like a puppy but will be two later this month. He is just on the small size.

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    DefaultRe: miniature labrdor?

    yea, as an owner of an 85 pounder and one that can stretch across an entire queen bed, ENJOY your miniature lab!! ;D

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    DefaultRe: miniature labrdor?

    I have a little girl. She's 2 1/2 years old & 55 lbs. She was not the runt, but she is small. Like you, it's always assumed that she is a puppy. I actually love Shelby's size -- she's quite portable. And she can't reach the kitchen table. ;D

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    DefaultRe: miniature labrdor?

    She isn't minature as there is no such breed. She is just on the small side. One of my girls just squeaks in the standard at 20.5 inches tall. I have seen 19 inch girls before. Personally I like the smaller end of the standard. I would love to see a picture of your girl. Enjoy her and just say she is a lab just small.

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    DefaultRe: miniature labrdor?

    Lucky you, count your blessings.... Harley is about 115 pounds and acts like a Jack Russell Terrorist... I love his size and looks but as others have said, the sheer size of him has caused some problems. Try moving him when he doesn't want to move(on the bed), or going down the stairs as he has to be right next to you. We love him to death but he is big and knows it... :

    Oh I forgot to mention the damage to the lawn with just normal play. He is like an earth


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