To the vet we go.....
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Thread: To the vet we go.....

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    DefaultTo the vet we go.....

    Have an appt. this afternoon to take Dakota to the vet....

    It's her ears again...I feel a bit defeated on the subject - I don't know how to help her......

    We go to the vet, get shots, drops for her ears...... I've switched her food...she's fine for a while....then BAM right back to square 1 ......

    I clean them out all the time! She hates me for it..

    Denali has no problems with his ears...I just feel so bad for her and I want to help so much....

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    DefaultRe: To the vet we go.....

    Hope Dakota feels better soon. I have no experience with this product, DinoVite, but I've heard it advertised on the radio. Perhaps someone here may have used it.

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    DefaultRe: To the vet we go.....

    Sorry to hear about the ear problems it is really a battle isn't it. I hope you find some way to get them cleared up soon.

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    *points to her right palm*

    DefaultRe: To the vet we go.....

    Sometimes all the cleaning only makes the problem worse.



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