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    Well zeus has been amazing the past few days. awesome with the kenneling and learning new commands all the time BUT my silky suprised me the other day. Julio decided he didnt want zeus near me and now growls and attacks zeus constantly around me. i think now that zeus is bigger than him he feels threaten and for zeus to be only 11 weeks old i feel so bad. yesterday i had to alternate turns of who was with me when. zeus is bigger but was scared. julio didnt bite hard but definately made it known he was not happy. i picked zeus up immediately and tried putting them together awhile later but julio was not having it. could it be that maybe zeus isn't a fit for our family because of julio? i just cannot believe after 4 weeks that its an issue and i can only come up with the fact that he is bigger than julio now. i really love zeus to death and it broke my heart to have to keep them seperated. my mom offered to keep zeus at her house since she was looking to get a puppy but i would have to transport him from georgia to ohio. can anyone make suggestions on how to help julio cope with zeus the most unthreatening most loving dog ever? by the way look for zeus pictures tomorrow! )

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    Okay, first of all, calm down and take a deep breath, and stop looking for reasons to get rid of Zeus. You must have thought about what might happen when you got a big dog with your silky, and you must have at that time, felt it was a good family addition. Stick to that.

    I think you are right that Julio is probably feeling threatened - I would too if I had an 11 week old land shark coming at me full force. I think you are going to need to find Zeus a friend his size to play with, Julio is probably just trying to let Zeus know he's coming on too strong and too rough. Julio needs to be able to do that.

    Supervise their play at all times - if Zeus is getting too rough, you'll need to stop it. See if you can arrange a play date with another lab or something so he gets socialized and gets his yaya's out.

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