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    DefaultA Little Scare

    Just a reminder to watch out for tags tangling in metal crates!

    This summer we bought a Jeep Patriot. I have the rear seats folded and Halle's metal crate sits behind the driver seat, leaving Reba enough room to stand behind the front passenger seat. This morning I took Reba to the vet to weigh her - she has been on reduced food and I wanted to see if it was helping. I put her collar with tags on her and loaded her in the back, as we have been doing. I drove the 1 mile to the highway and for some reason while stopped at the highway, decided to check on Reba. Probably because her head wasn't hanging in the passenger seat. Her tags had dangled down into Halle's crate and were caught. Scared the begeebers out of me. She did not freak out and I more-or-less calmly remembered to put the car in park and get out and remove her collar.

    I really want to crate Reba in the car too, but so far have not. Mostly because her metal crate will fit, but would have to be set up while in the car and I don't think I have the strength and flexibility to do that. I'm thinking of a soft crate, but not sure if she would ride in it. Reba is notoriously excited in the car.

    And, if anyone is interested, she GAINED almost a pound in the last month. That makes a gain of 7 pounds since we have been playing the revolving food game that started with the recalls last spring. I think it is her thyroid, but the vet doesn't seem to agree. She has been on thyroid meds for 4 years, and will be having her annual checkup soon.
    Judy, mom to Reba, the Lab, and Jalapeno (Halle), the JRT

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    DefaultRe: A Little Scare

    Glad you looked back when you did.

    Brookville, Pa.


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